Cream Huipil
Cream Huipil

Cream Huipil

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Ideal to combine with skirt, jeans, shorts and make them look better than what they normally do.

Take Guatemala anywhere in the world and be the sensation with the combination of colors and designs. The charming shades used form a harmonious set of colors.

The freshness of its fabric stands out with a beautiful and unique design made especially for you. It has special details of hand-embroidered flowers.

For this collection we bring you modern handicrafts that unite the best of two worlds where the carefully elaborated fabric highlights the elegance of the Huipil with its colors and meticulous details, emanates delicacy and beauty.


  • Handmade
  • Unique
  • Size: One size fits almost all
  • Origin: Guatemala

Note: colors may slightly change due to camera contrasts