Rosewood Basket Bag
Rosewood Basket Bag
Rosewood Basket Bag

Rosewood Basket Bag

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If you love sobriety and simplicity, this bag has to be for you, we bring you this elegant design, which you can give various uses, from shopping or to do grocery shopping with style and freshness or you can use it to go on a Picnic with your family and friends or just wear it because you want to look different; that is your choice; However, remember that you should always have bags for various activities in your private collection, but always taking care of your style and as women.


The bag is made of plastic fiber, green and yellow, with a beautiful green and brown wool pompom, which gives your bag this Chic touch.

Unique piece

Size: 30x22 centimeters

Material: Plastic Fiber

Color: Rosewood

Origin: Guatemala

Closure type: N/A

Note: Colors may slightly change due to camera contrasts